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The Concussion Shift Project

The "Concussion Shift" Project... Welcome!

Welcome! I am embarking on a daunting but noble task.. Over the course of several posts, talks, videos and maybe even a coffee or two, I am looking to change and elevate your current knowledge (and others) about concussions and post-concussion recovery.

So why the title "Concussion Shift" project? Easy...because I am on a mission to help 'shift' people's current knowledge of concussions, post-concussion syndrome and concussion prevention. This project is the start a movement to change people's thoughts and belief systems around concussion management and treatment options.

Busting through myths and navigating murky waters, I had to shift my own beliefs (and knowledge) in order to successfully recover and obtain optimal health. The Concussion Shift Project will focus on 'shifting' our collective perceptions about concussions and provide a common framework for diagnosis, treatment and common understanding.

A 'shift' of how we understand and treat concussions in our communities, schools, within our sport teams, places of employment, with friends, family and most importantly with our front-line medical practitioners - needs to happen now... and this shift should start with all of us.

So I welcome you... and ask for your willingness to help in this collective project as I develop this site, bring others together through social media and speaking engagements and raise a collective common understanding of the complex world of concussions.

Concussion Fustration - No one understands...

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