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The Concussion Shift Project

Women Win Gold... with Concussions

In an attempt to 'shift' your current knowledge and raise the collective level to new heights - here's another weekly pop quiz.

Quiz: Men vs Women - who wins the trophy for being more prone to post-concussion?

Answer: women...of course.

Several studies have show that women are not only more prone to receiving concussions than men - but that we also experiencing post-concussion symptoms with great intensity and potentially for a longer duration.

Don't get me wrong - I love being a woman (I get to wear a dress skiing if I want), but winning gold in this category...but seriously?? We women already have to deal with childbearing pain, monthly menstruation pain and now we might have a longer post-concussion symptom cycle too?

And don't get me started on one study done which indicates that if we combine the two - the time of concussion and a time-span just before monthly menstruation that women can experience greater cognitive decline, poorer reaction times, more headaches and extended bouts of depression.

So we women deserve gold - a gold what I'm not sure; maybe a gold star, a gold medal, maybe even a gold unicorn! What for, well....just for being women :-)

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