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Brain Performance Trainer, Mindset Coach,  Concussion Recovery Educator, active skier, outdoor enthusiast, bio-hacker, and an extremely passionate speaker in the power of transforming your thoughts to accelerate recovery. I am also a multiple concussion survivor, post-concussion syndrome recoverer, and a strong advocate for successful post-concussion recovery.

Having suffered from Post-Concussion Syndrome several times in my life, I created a unique recovery system to ensure my clients and others could benefit from my own personal recovery knowledge, strategies, and learning.

After having consulted with more than 20 specialists but getting nowhere, my symptoms continuing, and feeling more alone than ever, I realized I needed to take my recovery into my own hands. I pushed the boundaries of nutrition, and supplementation, sought out new technologies, and experimented with alternative modalities.

I have since then developed a 5-step system for faster post-concussion recovery.

I am a Brain Health Trainer and Mindset Educator working to help those suffering from brain health-related issues recover faster and return to a more fulfilled life.

I frequently challenge the status quo and am continuously seeking out new and innovative ways to help others succeed in their own health goals!

In fact, recently I have been working on a special initiative that goes beyond the boundaries of just Brain Health! I am so pleased to announce the launch of my new Mindset and Manifestation Coaching site!

If you are interested in learning how to improve your thoughts and change your current reality check me out at

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5-Step Plan to Faster Recovery

Tangible Strategies to Improve Post-Concussion Symptoms 

How to Talk to  Your Family & Friends

How Loved Ones Can Help

What Does Recovery  Really Look Like?!

Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Louise is living the dream in Calgary, Alberta Canada where she can be closer to the Rocky Mountains and pursue her passion for various outdoor pursuits!

Louise is a coach, volunteer, elite mindset trainer, and educator. Her passion for helping others shift the discussion away from hopelessness and towards successful treatment options is a top priority.

Recovery is possible and is only bounded by your own imagination!

Hi! I'm Louise Neville Brain Health Trainer and Coach.

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