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The Concussion Shift Project

One Brain or Two?

Pop Quiz: Do you have one or two brains?

If you answered 'just one'...well, we have a lot to talk about.

Scientific studies have proven an undeniable "gut-brain connection". Put simply, this means that our brain cannot live without our gut. Stated more bluntly, it means that the neurons in our gut are actually controlling our hormones, parts of our immune system, and muscle regulation - independent of the brain in our head.

Our gut is really "our second brain".

When it comes to brain health, a large majority of the new research points to a clear connection: good gut flora/bacteria = good brain health. Which means diet is critical. Did I say that loud enough? Let me try again: DIET IS CRITICAL TO MAINTAINING AND REGAINING OPTIMUM BRAIN FUNCTION.

So why does this matter for to concussion patients? Well, because we need to do everything we can to heal our brains. And this means supporting and improving our second brain to start. Easy solution - feed your gut flora with the best possible diet and supplementation regime possible.

Not yet convinced?

Did you know that over 80% of the serotonin (the feel good happy hormone) in our body is actually produced by the cells in our gut - NOT the brain in the top of our head. Yep that's right folks, our 'gut brain' produces more serotonin than our head brain. It's no wonder anti-depressants have such a poor track record - they're trying to only fix less than 20% of the problem. (I'll save you my big-pharma rant for another post).

The point I'm trying to make is this: if you start fixing your diet now, good things will come your way... maybe even a few more happy serotonin vibes ;-)

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