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The Concussion Shift Project

I'm Writing a Book...What?!

Wow! I have received so much interest on how to recover faster with post-concussion that I have decided to write a book. Breathe deeply I tell myself... This Concussion Shift Project has really taken off and who am I to stop the knowledge train... (my inner critic isn't as supportive...writing a book really?). Apparently I couldn't just stick to blogging for a bit!.

I will be interviewing key specialists and individuals over the next two months for inclusion in the book. Please send me your requests, recovery challenges and successes through the contact page.

Want to know what I recommend doing if you've been suffering from post-concussion symptoms longer than 2 weeks? ... answer will be in the book :-) Sorry couldn't resist ;-)

I'll give you a hint.

A pictures can sometimes say a thousand words.

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