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"brain health involves food, movement, mindset and so much more..."

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Advanced Brain Capabilities!


Louise Neville is a Brain Health Trainer, Mindset Coach, Educator, and Keynote Speaker.


Her expertise in the field of 'Mindset Improvement' goes beyond the boundaries of brain health. Her new initiative has just launched and is dedicated solely to the exciting new area of Mindset Education and Coaching. To find out more, visit her at


In the area of Brain Health, her services include Accelerated Brain Capability Education, Individualized Concussion and Ketogenic Coaching, and Mindset Optimization workshops for individuals, families, employers, CEOs, military, veterans, and athletes. 

Louise has built a revolutionary Brain Health and Mindset Wellness program to get you back on track faster.

Find out how to get your own personalized Brain Health Coach and Educator right at your fingertips!




You Deserve More From Your Brain


It's time for a SHIFT... a shift to improve your memory, a shift to improve your brain's response time and your mindset! It's time to eliminate the stigma around brain-related conditions, concussions, and mental health. 


A SHIFT can happen, but it starts with you... 

Concussion Recovery 


I educate and coach athletes, teams, support groups, individuals, health care professionals, and family members who are looking for answers. I provide concrete leading-edge recovery options including info on the latest treatments and emerging technologies.


Eliminate the trial and error, find out what works!

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