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Brain Health  Coach - Ketogenic Specialist

Keynote Speaker - Author

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"The Concussion Coach"


Louise Neville Nicknamed "Concussion Coach" her services include Individualized Concussion Coaching, Group Concussion Training, Personalized Recovery Education and Brain Health workshops for individuals, families, employers, military, veterans and athletes.


Louise is a multiple concussion survivor, certified Health Coach, Author, Keynote speaker and Brain Health trainer.

Having suffered from post-concussion syndrome (PCS) multiple times but getting nowhere with traditional medical care, she took her recovery into her own hands and built a revolutionary Concussion Recovery System. Get back to life faster with a personalized Brain Health Coach.

The Concussion Shift Project


It's time for a SHIFT... a shift to improve concussion recovery, a shift in people's understanding of Post-Concussion Syndrome, time to eliminate the stigma around concussions and mental health. 


A SHIFT can happen but it starts with you... 

Concussion Recovery 


I educate and speak to athletes, support groups, individuals, health care professionals and family members who are looking for answers, concrete recovery options and latest concussion related treatments and emerging technologies.